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Suffering With Hair Loss or Severe Flaky/Itchy Scalp?


Let’s face it, no woman wants to deal with hair loss. No woman wants to deal with being stared at. They don’t want to purchase ugly wigs and have to spend extra money on things to mask their hair loss. And more importantly when a woman is suffering from hair loss, if regrowhair in Overland Park as long  the last thing she wants is to be embarrassed at a salon. Who wants this?!  Where can you go, and how do you start as far as finding a TRUE solution to your hair loss problems? You come to Styles of Essence and visit Cherhea! It is for this reason alone (hair loss), that I became passionate about the hair industry. It’s my job to create an environment and transform you by showing the world who you are using your inner beauty; I just bring it out! 

Alopecia is an umbrella term for "hair loss".  There are MANY types of hair loss, and for this rsason, hair loss cannot simply be treated with topicals and products.  As a Hair Loss Practitioner, I can help narrow down the possibilities of what is causing the hair loss.  Once the root cause is discovered, MOST types are treatable and can be reversed.

Understanding the Problem to Getting the Solution

Be patient about hair growing back. Understand that hair is programmed to grow at a rate that takes 2 ½ months to grow an inch. Any treatment that causes the scalp to heal will be followed by growth of an inch of hair every 2 ½ months, so it can take up to a year on average for 6 inches of hair to grow. While some individuals have hair that grows quicker than this, most don’t.  However, the rate of growth has a lot to do with the health of the follicle, which ultimately means the health of the person.  The solutions I offer are customized to each client and rely heavily on the client following the given treatment plans exactly as directed.  Hair Loss Treatments are reserved for those clients who are really serious about growing their hair back and who are willing to trust and follow my guidance.